Welcome to Chicago

I-90 and O'Hare

The view of the expressway and this digital Welcome to Chicago sign means many things to many people.  If you live here (and chances are you do), it can be a comforting welcome.  You’ve landed at O’Hare, picked up your luggage and let your family and loved ones know you are home safe.  As you settle into your cab seat and begin to review messages on your phone, you look up, see this sign, and just feel right knowing you are home or soon will be.  If you are thinking about moving here, and I was a visitor here once with that very thought, this sign is like the cover of a glossy magazine you just can’t wait to open.  Maybe you have a job offer from a wonderful Chicago company, or you are returning home after years as an ex pat Chicagoan in  some exotic location, or even Omaha and seeing this sign transports you to Wrigley Field on a sunny July day, or center ice of a Blackhawks game on a windy, cold, Chicago winter night or even to the Lakefront, with thoughts of cool sand between your toes.  The possibilities are endless here.

If you are in the former group, welcome home.  I hope your trip was filled with excitement or business success and you got the sale.  If you are new in town, or thinking about moving here, let’s talk.  I can help you with mortgage pre-approval and refer you to a great realtor and lawyer and tell you where you can get a terrific cup of coffee.

Welcome to Chicago.

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