Choosing Where To Live

bicycle seat and handlebarsSpring seems to have finally arrived in the Chicagoland area.  Pop quiz: who coined the phrase “Chicagoland”?  It sounds like a country or an amusement park.  If you can find out who coined that phrase and send me a verifiable link, I will send you an Amazon gift card.

With Spring arriving, our thoughts turn to all sorts of things, riding a bike, drinking coffee outside and looking for a new home (if the latter is on your mind, call me and let’s talk mortgage).  Did you know that the time of year you look for a home can have a big effect on where you buy your home?  In the winter, homebuyers tend to look for homes that feel warm and cozy inside or that have easy parking.  While those are good things, it takes spring to remind us to look for outdoor space, proximity to parks and recreation (with apologies to Amy Pohler), and stores we can walk or bicycle to.  A good real estate agent thinks about these things no matter what the season.  I know a number of them all over our made up country of Chicagoland.  Give me a call and I will be happy to share them with you.

Last, but not least as you head out on  your bike (wear a helmet) to your local coffee shop to sip your iced latte, please call or email to start the pre-approval process.

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