Curb Appeal

So you are ready to move?  You aren’t sure where you will go, but one thing you do need to think about before you sell your house, will people drive by, and just keep on going?  The picture above is the side view of house that sits on a dreaded corner lot.  The house looks pretty nice from the front and, in fact, it recently sold.  When I took this picture, I confess, I was sort of amused by the view of the grill from the street.  Who wants to have someone driving by while they’re are flipping burgers in shorts, flip flops and the apron they got for Father’s Day?  I know I don’t and even if you do, will the buyer of your home want to see a 20 year old grill, an old car on blocks or out of control shrubs when they drive by?  Most likely . . . well, we both know the answer to that question.

Best to have a realtor or two (I know them, in your neighborhood, so ask me) come by and say all the mean things your potential buyer will think.  Some things you just can’t change, hey, it’s your house and it has character, but some things are easy to fix and can get you a higher price . . . sooner.

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