The Long and the Short of it

The Long and the Short of it

The Long (Photography)
Whenever you watch a sporting event, you will likely see photographers on the sidelines with giant lenses, far larger than any you have seen or touched in person. Are you curious about the kinds of pictures you could take with such lenses, but not keen on spending $1,000 or (often much) more just to capture that one special baseball game, ballet recital, or family vacation? The way to satisfy your curiosity is by renting a lens. Many companies either specialize in lens rentals or offer it as a part of their regular business, and you can choose from either local stores (for in-person pick-up) or internet stores (that will ship to your door). Locally, both Calumet and Helix have large rental departments. Online, Lens Rentals does a great job at a great price. All of these companies offer cameras, lenses, and accessories for short and long term rentals.

Renting is a great short-term way to try a long lens. If you try it out, please email me some photos.

The Short (Mortgages)
As tired as the phrase has become, in 2010 mortgage rates reached truly historic lows. As a result, many of my clients refinanced their loans to 30-year fixed mortgages, even though taking a shorter loan, either in amortization (think 15-year fixed) or duration (think a 5- or 7-year ARM) could have saved them thousands of dollars in interest. Well, mortgage rates are now at “near” historic lows, and you have a chance to re-evaluate. If you think you might move out of your home in the next 5-7 years, it may be time to consider switching to an ARM. Your rate might be in the 3’s and you would save thousands of dollars in interest.

Similarly, if you plan to stay in your home for the long haul, now might be the time to switch to a 20-, 15-, or even 10-year fixed. Rates are low, you will save thousands in interest, and you will pay off your mortgage (don’t those words sound great?) years earlier.

Email or call me to discuss whether one of these money saving opportunities is right for you.

As always, please forward this email along to family or friends who need financing assistance with a purchase or refinance.

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