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Deal of the Day

Deal of the Day

I have no plans to name names. You wouldn’t like it if I was talking about you on the Interweb, well, you might, but not everyone would. Here’s the story, rates have really dropped again. This morning I was able to lock a client on a 5/1 ARM (check the mortgage process section if you […]

Back to the Future

Back to the Future

We’ve reached another Monday without Congress making a deal on the debt ceiling. If you had a closing date on a house you were purchasing on August 2, you would certainly like more certainty than to wake up today and hear that the underwriters were fighting about whether to approve you. I refuse to venture […]

Jumbo Loans - Changes Coming

Jumbo Loans – Changes Coming

As I write this, we are deep in the throes of a real, upper-Midwestern July. Weather forecasters are using this season’s scary phrase Heat Index with alarming regularity (although this may seem great to you if the phrase Wind Chill Index terrifies you…and if you’re in San Diego, just feel free to keep laughing at […]

Monday Market Update - Eye on the Ball

Monday Market Update – Eye on the Ball

When there is lots of noise on a topic, it can be hard to keep your eye on the ball. The US debt ceiling negotiation (and I believe this is the last week it will be called anything close to a “negotiation,” next week I expect the word “crisis” to be used) and the debt […]

Appraised Value - What if it's low?

Appraised Value – What if it’s low?

This has been a week of what I will call appraisal “mishaps.” There were a total of three and they quite possibly capture the moving target that is appraised value. Suffice it to say, before you read on these aren’t “happy” stories, but they are a recent take on the topic. Case 1 – Refinance […]