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What Makes a House a Home?
I view helping my clients to become homeowners as one of the most significant things I do. The home can have many forms: single family, condo, townhouse or even multi-family homes that, here in Chicago, go by names like “2-flat” and “3-flat.” The size, shape, and type of structure is immaterial…what matters most is the day the building becomes a home.

Longtime clients of mine often browsed for new single-family homes near their current home. Like many people, their world revolved around their current neighborhoods. Their kids were in schools that they liked. The family had friends nearby. The roots were down, so even the little things had become part of the backdrop for their lives—they knew their commute and where to do their food shopping. In a word, they had made a “home.” (I’ve made these same choices numerous times—twice I moved across the street and once even moved next door!)

But then, as often happens, the physical space of their house no longer met their needs. Like Goldilocks, my clients would walk through different houses for a couple of years, looking for something “just right.” They signed the contract, hired inspectors and lawyers, and then came to me looking for the perfect mortgage. The process went smoothly, they moved and what was once just a house became a new home.

If you are ready to make a move and find your new home, I want to help. To echo what you may have heard in the media, there has never been a better time to buy a new home—rates are low and home prices have not fully recovered.

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