Race to Low Rates

Race to Low Rates

These twice-monthly messages give me the opportunity to share, often in detail, things I am doing; whether it’s running, photography, or—when I run out of fun things—mortgages. Let’s review the last two weeks.

On July 4, as I mentioned in my last message, I raced the Wilmette 4-mile “fun” run. This year’s race featured a slight course change and an abundance of middle-aged men clustered near the front of the pack. With temperatures over 80, I ran at a conservative pace 30-45 seconds slower per mile than I otherwise would. I ran most of the race with another runner who proved (two seconds) better able to handle the heat than I. I finished 11th overall…but an alarming 5th in my age group. My reward was a cooling shower, sprayed from the raised ladder of a Wilmette fire truck.

After the race, my sons raced in individual heats in frenetic children’s races (see photo above). I went home and played with my dog, who nearly succumbed to the heat. I hosed her off and then brought here inside to dry her. Once she was dry, she left the room. I was standing barefoot on wet tile and faster than a blink I slipped, slamming three toes on my left foot into a wall. By the next morning, my third toe was swollen, purple, and—as an x-ray confirmed—broken.

If you’ve been following my marathon aspirations, you’ll know that I did not greet this news with joy. But here’s the crazy thing: They can treat a broken toe (mine anyway) with a laser (it feels quite hot) and speed the healing…which allows you to resume running within a week. So, in the span of two weeks; I told you I was going to run a race, I ran the race, broke my toe, didn’t run for over a week, swam nearly 5 miles as cross-training (lap swimming is much harder than it looks from the pool deck) and am back running, due to log 40 miles this week. Staring at my purple toe at 5:45 AM on July 5, my thoughts turned to doom, gloom, and a series of “what if’s” that I never properly answered because I was determined that the incident would not hold me back. Before I could panic, the whole thing was over.

Nearly everyone I know has real issues they are facing right now. The economy is tough. People I know and care about are being confronted by significant, life changing health issues. From my accident, I learned that life is full of “breaks,” but the important thing is how you deal with them and what you do next. As for me, I am planning to break three hours in the marathon this fall.

Mortgage Rates Hit Historic Lows
One day in the very near future, I will no longer be able to tell you that rates have hit new lows. That day, fortunately, is not today. If you have been putting off a new home purchase or refinance because you believed rates would go still lower, please contact me today to learn about current rates that make the rates we talked about in May seem high.

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