From Dan Fogel (referral)

From Dan Fogel (referral)


Every time I email you my newsletter blogs, I conclude with the sentence above or something similar. Obviously, your referrals help me build my business – but there’s more to the story. I believe your personal referral is of greater value than any other way I develop new business. Think about that. Once a month, I labor over these emails. I mull over what to say, how to say it, and the photo that accompanies the text. I have received fantastic feedback on the emails. And after reading an email, many of you contact me to discuss your mortgage. I can’t thank you enough for that. But the one thing that tells me if you truly value my service is your personal referral.

The excitement I feel when a copy of my email is forwarded to me by someone who says a friend or colleague said to contact me about a new home purchase is hard to describe – but I’ll try. You see, when you refer me (or your chiropractor, plumber, or hair stylist), you are endorsing a service. The measure of your satisfaction is your willingness to put it out there to your friends and family that you feel they could benefit from the same service. I regularly recommend services to friends, and I love it when they circle back to me and report how much they appreciate the referral. If you ask me to recommend a mover or a lawyer, you are relying on my judgment. I never lose sight of the fact that if something goes wrong with a recommendation, I will hear about it. Likewise, the only way I can convince you to refer me to a friend, family member or colleague is to provide a high level of service. That is our goal with every single loan.

In September, the thanks my clients gave me surpassed any I have seen before. Of the loans closed in September, three fourths of those clients sent me gifts accompanied by personal notes, sharing the theme that our service was outstanding and they couldn’t wait to tell friends to use our service for their mortgages.

As I wind down this month’s email, I want to ask: Are you great at what YOU do? Do you provide a service you know would benefit my clients or me? I hope you’ll send me a note and tell me about it. I would love the chance to expand my network and help you build your business as you have helped me build mine.

And – as always – if you or someone you know is buying, needs a home equity loan, or needs to refinance, please pass along my contact information.

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