I offer you my sincere wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. In just two weeks, 2014 has taught us about polar vortexes, “Chiberia”, reminded us of Chicago “dibs” rules, and the annual winter joy of reminding our dogs that their business needs to be transacted outdoors.

For many of you reading this, we met (over and over again) in the last few years as rates tumbled. I nearly worked myself out of a job as I helped you secure rates in the 2’s, 3’s and 4’s. Perhaps, we met when the balance of your mortgage exceeded your home’s value, and I found you a new payment-lowering mortgage. Or, we met you when you bought your first home, or move-up home and I found you a mortgage with a rate you still joyfully reveal at parties (while mentioning my name!!).

As a group, you are unique: you no longer need my services (or, at least, not at the present time), and yet you still open and read my emails. Perhaps, you enjoy my photos or my pithy take on things. Whatever the reason, I appreciate the support. Nearly fifteen years ago, when I first left the practice of law, I quite literally picked up the legal directory and cold-called lawyers and asked them one question – “Do you plan to buy real estate in the next twelve months?” If they said “yes”, I asked that they use me for their mortgage. And many did. However, if someone told me they weren’t in the market or that they weren’t interested, I ended the call by asking: “Can you please give me the name and number of someone you know who might benefit from my services?” That question led to me meeting more people and helped build my business.

Mortgage interest rates have risen. While some refinance opportunities still exist (if you aren’t sure, please contact me), the bulk of the market is focused on real estate purchases. Consequently, here’s my 2014 take on the question I have asked since 1999:

Can you please connect me with people you know who plan to buy real estate, OR a realtor you know whose clients could benefit from working with me, OR, a financial planner you trust, whose clients could benefit from my services, OR, a lawyer you know who represents buyers and sellers in real estate transactions? In exchange, I will provide superior service. You will be a trusted advisor and people will ask for your recommendations whenever they need something. I can’t wait to hear my phone ring and have the caller invoke your name and strong recommendation.

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