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One More Time in Chicagoist

One More Time in Chicagoist

          I got out of bed at my usual 5:50 AM this morning. The first thing I saw when I rolled open the blinds (I think it’s really a cord, but it feels like rolling) was fog. Thick, creamy, visibility draining fog. Since I knew I wouldn’t need to drive anywhere […]

Boston Marathon 2014 - Boston Strong

Boston Marathon 2014 – Boston Strong

          In the week before the 2014 Boston Marathon, I twice sat in a podiatrist’s office receiving laser treatments on my aching left foot. I injured my foot running a half marathon sixteen days before Boston. That half marathon was meant as a trial run and a check on my post-polar […]

Patriot Act 2 – Boston 1999 – the race

I found my spot in the corral for my bib and awaited the start.  I was in pain, sweating and doubting my sanity.  This was the Boston Marathon, a dreamed of event, and I was waiting for the gun with my back in spasm.  My plan, long before the spasm echoed the plan many runners […]

Patriot Act 1 – Boston Marathon 1999

I awoke early on Monday morning April 19, 1999 in a hotel room in Cambridge, MA. I ate quietly in the living room of our one bedroom suite as my wife and then 10 month-old daughter (she’s nearly 16 now) slept in the bedroom. I was tingling with excitement as I dressed and looked down […]

Spring Break

Spring Break

        If you did it right, you are scrolling through this with sunscreen-coated fingers while sitting poolside, with one eye reading and the other trained on the cannonball contest your kids are putting on with that family from Minnesota you just met. I’ll gladly take that level of attention. Your absence makes my […]