One More Time in Chicagoist

One More Time in Chicagoist

Today: Fog






I got out of bed at my usual 5:50 AM this morning. The first thing I saw when I rolled open the blinds (I think it’s really a cord, but it feels like rolling) was fog. Thick, creamy, visibility draining fog. Since I knew I wouldn’t need to drive anywhere for a couple hours, I was excited about, rather than dreading, the fog. My usual routine is get out of bed, head downstairs, make coffee while I empty the dishwasher, wake my 8th grader for band practice, and then take the dogs to the park. To that, I added, grab a camera before I left for the park.

Regular readers of this blog or viewers of my flickr or Instagram streams know that the park has rewarded me with hundreds of photos of beautiful sunrises, cloud formations, and even fog. I knew today would be no exception. As I arrived at the park, I could see that it was shrouded in a thick cloud that literally touched the ground. I snapped a few photos with my compact 35mm camera (seeing those will have to wait) and then grabbed a few more with my phone. I had a feeling that today would be a day when Chicagoist would feature fog photos (oh, the needed immediacy of digital photography). I uploaded my photo to flickr when I got home and added it to the Chicagoist group.

By afternoon, Chicagoist was showing love for all things fog in its Around Town gallery and my photo was the number one shot they featured. Funny when you can look through the “viewfinder” and know you are seeing something that will mean something to someone else even before they see it.

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