Now.  In Texas.

Now. In Texas.

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My personal and professional connection to the state of Texas spans nearly thirty years. (Spoiler alert: I am now licensed to originate mortgages in Texas). This story starts my senior year in college when I sought gainful post-collegiate employment. During my interview cycle, a large company flew me to Houston to introduce this Midwesterner to Texas in January. I was hooked, but with a law school acceptance in hand, I didn’t take the job. A few years later, I logged several cross country drives along Interstate 40 that included stops in Amarillo, and a near overnight stay in a particularly creepy motel in Shamrock, Texas. The motel seemed to be the setting for a well-known Hitchcock film, so I put the proverbial pedal to the metal, sang a few more choruses of “Route 66” and spent that night in OKC.

As a young lawyer, I spent most of a January in the east Texas hamlet of Marshall observing a very large jury trial. Being a lawyer has its perks, and an escape to 60-degree Texas in January to take notes at a trial presided over by a judge who liked long lunch breaks (not with me) and loved ending the day at 3 PM was certainly among them. A brief conversation with “his honor” led me to pilot my rental car first east to Caddo Lake (not my photo, but a good one) to see submerged cypress trees and later west to Longview for a delicious, Texas dinner. But, wait, there’s more.

Years later, as my legal career reached its sunset years, I traveled to Houston several times to sit in an air conditioned office tower reviewing documents for a large lawsuit that uneventfully settled years later (legal note: most litigation reaches this conclusion). I would love to say the highlight of that trip was seeing the Astros play in the Astrodome. Sadly, two other lawyers and I took a Houston city bus to the Astrodome at 6 PM for a 1:30 PM game (oops). The ride back was embarrassing, but I haven’t repeated that scheduling mistake.

I can recommend a family vacation to South Padre Island if you smartly wedge it between college Spring Break and Holy Week (your travel agent will know). The weather is great, migratory birds abound, and the grocery stores sell beer bongs.

And, last, but not least, in January 2012, my wife and I traveled to Houston to watch the men’s and women’s marathon Olympic Trials. I also ran the Houston Marathon the next day. Well, I do have one more noteworthy “passing through” connection to Texas: in 1915, my grandfather immigrated to the United States from Poland and landed in Galveston. For that reason, and pretty much everything I have read about it, I have always wanted to visit Galveston.

In sum, I have scratched the surface of Texas many times and am thrilled to be licensed to originate mortgages in Texas. If you or someone you know is relocating to Texas (and according to a recent Wall Street Journal article, lots of folks are) or already lives there, please send them my contact information. I would love to help them with their mortgage.
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